express facial                                                      30 min $50
deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage
european rejuvenation facial                          60-70 min $80
includes all the steps of a classic european facial - deep cleansing, light exfoliating peel, extraction of whiteheads & blackheads, and facial masks, including a complimentary custom blend mask. a relaxing face, neck, shoulder, arm massage completes the experience. treatment products are used according to your individual skin type.
micro-peeling treatment (new!)                           20 min $50
organic acids and purifying agents are utilized in this deep exfoliating micro peeling treatment that softens lines & wrinkles, lightens skin, improves coloring, and reduces pore size. this treatment can be done alone or added on to a european facial for a complete 80 min treatment for your face.
alpha-vital                                                     70-80 min $120

(yon-ka exclusive skin resurfacing aha-bha facial)

non-irritating cell renewal treatment to shed dead cells that hang on too long to skin's surface & are greatly responsible for signs of premature aging. provides new skin softness & youthful effect. uses solely organically sourced alpha-hydroxy acids &beta-hydroxy acids from fresh fruits, plants & trees. this treatment is specialized for normal to oily skin, sensitive or dry skin and mature skin.
hydralessence face                                         70-80 min $120

(yon-ka exclusive deep hydration facial)

the "super-hydrating star" of the yon-ka anti-aging palette of facials. incredible to desensitize and deliver luxurious skin suppleness. instantly calms and soothes by neutralizing the skin's discomfort from cold weather, wind, etc. includes a "moisture-surge" hydrating carob flour mask. this treatment is specialized for all skin types, mature skin, and after sun exposure.
yon-ka hydration fruit mask                                         +$30
peel off soothing and hydrating mask with freeze dried marine and fruit extracts. ingredients include green tea, algae, aloe, and pilewort that help tone, clarify, and firm your skin.
anti-acne mask w. tea tree oil (new!)                            +$25
zinc regulates sebum metabolism while salicylic acid from willow leaves tightens pores and reduces marks due to acne. skin is purified by the action of tea tree oil.
acerola mask w. vitamin c (new!)                                  +$25
anti-aging treatment w. vitamin c known to combat free radical damage and stimulate the synthesis of collagen.
bilberry w. vitamin c mask (new!)                                  +$25
recommended for sensitive skin and the treatment of blotchy skin. stimulates blood circulation and strengthens capillary blood vessel structure.
sensitive skin mask (new!)                                  +$25
contains azulene, a calming ingredient extracted from camomile. bilberry stimulates capillary blood vessel structure while vitamin c combats free radicals and stimulates collagen synthesis.
whitening mask (new!)                                  +$25
contains biological plant extracts known for their whitening action along with vitamin c. combats free radical damage as well as prevents the synthesis of melanine which is responsible for the appearance of dark spots on the skin.
microdermabrasion                                                      $150

dry exfoliation procedure that consists of stripping off layers of the epidermis using a machine employing airflow and sterilized crystals. benefits include:


     -normalizes skin and unclogs pores

     -balances excessive oiliness

     -helps shed dry, damaged cells from top layers of skin

     -minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections, like dull,

     dry, rough patches, age spots, and uneven skin tones

     -reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

     -improves the skinís ability to retain moisture

     -enhances the look and feel of dewy, luminous skin

     -creates the appearance of smoother, softer, younger, firmer

      looking skin tones