our philosophy is that even your hands deserve spa-luxury. that is why our manicures include only the best, including a light and warm basalt stone massage for your back while your hands are coated in paraffin wax that conditions and moisturizes your skin.* request hot lemon tea with any hand treatment to finish off the experience.

*mini and quickie manicure excluded

the quickie manicure                                                 $12
for someone on the go - trim, file, cuticle fix, light massage, color, and run!

spaworld manicure                                                    $15
our signature manicure that includes the basics plus exfoliation, paraffin treatment, and a light back massage w. warm basalt stones

seaweed detox manicure                                           $20
treat your arms and hands to a massage with a mineral-rich seaweed gel that promotes detoxification, nourishment, and toning of the skin

buff-n-shine manicure                                                $20
manicure basics plus extra buffing to leave your nails smooth and shiny

green tea spa manicure                                             $30
this antioxidant-rich treatment includes exfoliation, green tea mud pack, paraffin dip for your hands and elbows, and a light back and forearm massage w. warm basalt stones that will leave your arms melting

lavendar aromatherapy spa manicure                       $30
a therapeutic treat for your senses. our lavendar scrub opens up your pores and our lavendar mud pack detoxifies and nourishes your skin. followed by hand n' elbow paraffin dip and light back and forearm massage w. warm basalt stones

mini manicure                                                            $12
for children 10 years old and under - includes nail design for two fingers

crystal acrylic set                                                      $30+
layers of glass gel and super-fine dip powder. not recommended for long term use but great for a special occasion.

crystal fill                                                                  $25+

silk wrap set                                                             $60+
thin and natural looking silk wraps give extra protection from splits, cracks, and breaks. a great long-lasting alternative.

silk fill                                                                       $30+

synergy gel system set                                            $100+
low-odor, excellent color clarity and super adhesion. even without polish, leaves your nails with a natural shine.

s.g.s. fill                                                                    $40+


french                                                                         +$5
(per finger)                                                        +$3
polish change                                                            +$8